the army of
demon soldiers

chapter 92, page 3       The 鬼兵隊 literally means, "Army of Demon Soldiers," originally formed from the Joui war and later reformed. The Kiheitai is led by Takasugi himself, focusing on destroying the Amanto establishments and the corrupt government. The top members of the faction are highly skilled, each of them having some sort of special trait that benefits Takasugi and his goals. Said to be at the center of the Kiheitai revival, the top members of this terrorist faction being grouped together was no coincidence.

来島また子 (Kijima Matako) is also known as the Red Bullet (紅い弾丸) for her skills in pistols, or hand guns. She's very devoted to Takasugi to the point where it's obvious that she has a crush on him (but he doesn't show her any emotion... in fact, Takasugi rarely shows anyone emotion unless you count him being creepy an emotion? Eh...) to the point where she'll willingly proclaim that she changes her underwear everyday. 武市变平太 (Takechi Henpeita) is the Kiheitai's strategist and self-proclaimed feminist, under which he hides his obsession for lolicon. He's not known for his swordsmenship, but rather for his intelligence. He is, however, known to dress up as Takasugi and invade his fellow Kiheitai members' memories of their beloved leader.

what is important in everything is
the pace and the rhythm

chapter 164, page 15       Not to be mistaken for the bonsai plant or the Japanese cheer banzai!, 河上万斉 (Kawakami Bansai) is Takasugi's (assumed) right-hand man, the one Kiheitai member that Takasugi is mostly seen talking with. Bansai is the negotiatior of the terrorist group and the most skilled of the Kiheitai next to Takasugi. It's no wonder Takasugi puts him on the front of the lines and the main go-to man (and by "go-to," I mean that Takasugi pushes all of his paperwork onto this poor, seemingly deaf man). It still isn't clear as to how Takasugi recruited a man like Bansai, and not much is known about their past, but Bansai is defintely a person Takasugi has come to rely on. When Bansai isn't out performing his terrorist duties, he's out there teaching Shinsuke how to play the shamisen producing music under the alias "Tsunpo." (And at this point, you're probably wondering why Bansai gets his own little section... and it's bias. Simple bias. Let's leave it at that.)

we should really be thankful
towards the samurai

chapter 311, page 13       神威 (Kamui) is an Amanto from the Yato, a tribe known for their bloodthirst and need for constant destruction. While out exploring space with the Harusame Space Pirates, our favorite little terrorist clashes with Kamui and attempts to send him off to the next world. However, in a turn of events, Takasugi turns against the pirates and forms a convenient alliance with the 7th Division, which Kamui is the captain of. Why would Takasugi, who absolutely abhors the Amanto, want to team up with someone like Kamui? Takasugi's not stupid; he knows a potential ally when he sees one and doesn't pass up the chance to have a character like Kamui on his team. Not only does Takasugi consider Kamui strong, but sees his position in the Harusame as a waste of his skill. As someone who is terribly in love with violence and fighting only the strongest, most powerful opponents out there, Kamui couldn't possibly let this opportunity slip.