the most radical and dangerous
man in the world

mmm, those collarbones though

  • Name: 高杉真助
  • Birthday: Aug 10
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Voice: 子安武人
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Based: 高杉晋作

      Takasugi is one of the main, and easily most popular, villian of the normally comedic show, Gintama. Usually recognizable by his bandaged left eye and his impeccable fashion sense (and by "impeccable" I mean he's got the makings of a slight diva), he's often seen smoking a kiseru (with god knows what). Takasugi's hobbies include playing the shamisen, lopping off the heads of government officials, letting his subordinates (namely Bansai) do most of the paper work, and teaming up with an underage (?) alien boy who eats a lot. (This is Gintama. Your argument is invalid.) He normally appears during serious arcs throughout the series, and often, we as the audience find out that he's the root cause of some of the problems that the Yorozura trio are put through. His actions are well-planned out and executed; almost always his schemes go according to his liking.

He's definitely a man with a plan... and really nice collarbones.

the world of gintama

      Set in a historical setting with a twist, Edo has become overridden with aliens otherwise known as Amanto. After a long period of battles, the Amanto basically conquered Japan and now controls its basic government structure along with the bakufu. In order to break the samurai spirit, the Amanto implemented a ban on carrying any form of swords, which of course no one really follows religiously. The story follows the main protagonist Sakata Gintoki, a samurai who works and runs an odds job company, where he will basically do anything and everything for parfait and rent money. Gintama, translated literally as "Silver Soul," began as a manga written and illustrated by our god a gorilla 空知 英秋 (Sorachi Hideaki), and later became an anime licensed through Sunrise.