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don't kid yourself and don't fool yourself

Takasugi and Katsura are two terrorists, fighting against one force but still, their differences come between them. Even after listening to Katsura's persuasion to try and change him, Takasugi doesn't falter and retaliates by selling his friends to the space pirates. Taking these actions into consideration, these two together, be it a love or hate relationship, still interests me to no end. Why? What is it about these two that just collide?

"This love's too good to laste and I'm too old to dream... Don't grow up too fast and don't embrace the past, this life's too good to last and I'm too young to care... "

you will be the death of me

When we first see Takasugi and Katsura interact, it appears to be just simple and idle chitchat (chapter 29). Katsura doesn't try to stop Takasugi, just giving him a small warning. Of course, Katsura looks concerned, but as to who is he concerned for? Certainly not the Amanto, or the Bakufu... maybe Takasugi himself?

After confronting Takasugi in the Benizakura-arc aboard the falling spaceship, Katsura claims that he has, from the past to the present "hated" him. Even so, Katsura has also claimed that he has seen Takasugi as a "comrade" to him, from the past to the present. They started at the same place, their "thoughts have always been very different, freely followed [their] instincts, heading in different directions, walking on different paths", yet Takasugi never changed who he was or his aims. Their ideals are so close yet so far, and both are too stubborn to accept the present (or the Amanto) as it is, especially Takasugi.

There's no denying that Katsura cares about Takasugi. Why else would he try and persuade Takasugi into changing his schemes, or try and talk him into adopting a less violent way to remove the Amanto? Katsura doesn't want to see his comrades die, yet when he realizes that he's been sold to the Harusame by Takasugi, things change. Katsura swears that next time they meet, he will cut Takasugi down. It makes me wonder, however, how much of those words will actually hold true.

To begin with, their relationship is far from being "love". If I were to sum it up, I would use a word similar to sadistic. It's not a beautiful relationship; it's borderline-creepy (but only because Shinsuke's a creepy bastard person himself!) and tragic. Those are probably the two reasons why I even love this relationship, but that's just me... and although there's no specific canon that defines these two in a relationship other than hate, if you twist it a little and see from a fangirl's eyes, THERE COULD BE LOVE. Could be.

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