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i'll feel my heart implode and i'm breaking out

 kabukichou no joou  Kagura & Sougo  Kamui  Master of Disguise: Katsura Kotarou  men, be a MADAO  MIND YOUR SUGAR LEVELS! Sakata Gintoki  Takasugi Shinsuke  THAT CREEPY GORILLA!  WAR ZONE: Shura (5th ED)  Yorozuya

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escaping now feeling my faith erode

This layout features lyrics from various songs of MUSE. Version one was coded using Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and Notepad. The name terrorism comes from Takasugi's and Katsura's roles in their universe as terrorists and their relationship in general. Aren't they both terrorizing each other in a weird, twisted sense? (Okay, maybe not to you... haha.) Resources for this layout can be found here.