The story begins with Wako and Sugata looking out towards the ocean. They notice someone has washed up on the shore of Southern Cross Isle. Wako rushes to the boy's rescue and the two learn that the boy is Takuto. They become friends and later, classmates. Takuto enrolls in the island's high school and breaks into the 'restricted' area of the island, which is supposedly an old, abandoned gold mine.

      Takuto finds himself in battle with the organization Glittering Crux Brigade, where each of the members wear masks and clothes that resemble the suits of a deck of cards (hearts, spades, etc). After being sent into Zero TIme, Takuto apprivoises and becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy (Ginga Bishounen) and fights the Cybodies piloted by the Glittering Stars, whose aim is to control all of the island's cybodies for their own use and break the seals of the shrine maidens.

      Aside from the fancy and FABULOUS animation, what else makes this story something to be a fan of? Personally, I love the characters of the show and happen to be a very big fan of the Glittering Crux (KIRABOSHI!). Plus, it radiates fabulousness and hello, what other series would wish for your galaxies to shine?

      For a more detailed story description along with character biographies, check out Star Driver's Wikipedia page!