i was afraid of getting betrayed

  • Name: 八田美咲
  • Birthday: July 20
  • Age: 19
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: ?
  • Blood type: B
  • Affiliation: HOMRA
  • Alias: Yatagarasu
  • Voice: 福山潤

      Yata Misaki, the vangard of HOMRA, holds an important role throughout the duration of the anime, despite not being a main character. Always seen with a skateboard, he wields a metal baseball bat as his weapon of choice, fitting for Yata's brash and often reckless personality and fighting style. Not hestitating to finish a fight or reprimand someone, Yata is known to be very violent and easily irritable. Despite this attitude, he's very shy around girls to the point that he'll often avoid contact with them, or else look like a stuttering, blushing idiot. Yata has deep familial bonds with various members of HOMRA, with great respect to its leader, Mikoto Suoh.

you should only be looking at me

  • Name: 伏見猿比古
  • Birthday: November 7
  • Age: 19
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: ?
  • Blood type: AB
  • Affiliation: Scepter4
  • Alias: "damn monkey"
  • Voice: 宮野真守

      Fushimi Saruhiko, a member of Scepter 4 and a former member of HOMRA, is lazy, can't be bothered to do anything, but oddly enough when he gets off his ass, he's quite the efficient worker. He's intelligent, often displays a cool-headed, slightly disinterested demeanor; however, when severely annoyed he tends to snap at his subordinates. He shows dislike in many things (such as vegetables) and seems to have very little interest towards others; it's because of this that the other members of Scepter 4 don't often talk to him and instead, find him rather depressing. Despite this, Fushimi is everyone's favorite little yanhomo, as his interests and excitement (or rather, his sadistic tendencies) only appears when Misaki is around.

they say we have a lot of things in common

      (These sections contain a lot of assumptions based on events that transpire during the anime, and also contain some of my own insights of their relationship. These are not necessarily canon, just a fujoshi's rambling.) Fushimi and Yata attended the same high school; any knowledge of how they met is currently unknown to me, but we can at least assume that they have known each other for quite amount of time (enough so that during their drama CD together, Fushimi knows the answers to almost all the questions about Yata). Fushimi doesn't get along with others very well; it's possible that Yata first approached him over some sort of squabble and after fighting it out (like typical anime boys), they became friends. Good friends, possibly even Fushimi's first real friend. At that time, their world only had enough room for each other, and like this, Fushimi was satisfied. One day, while hanging out at some lamp post, they decide to join HOMRA together after meeting Mikoto. And this is where the drift begins.

      Yata begins to see Mikoto as a role model; someone whom Yata can't stop talking about, someone who he now spends his time with; a person, aside from Fushimi, that he could call a friend. Yata's world expands while Fushimi's remains closed off to everyone but Yata, someone whom he used to talk to, someone who he used to spend his time with, a person who Fushimi called his only friend. Stubborn and unwilling, Fushimi doesn't want to get to know the other members of HOMRA; he only joined because Yata was joining. For Fushimi, being with Yata was the only thing that mattered. So what does Fushimi do when the only attention he cared about receiving, gradually disappears?

      Fushimi gave himself an ultimatum when he decides to leave HOMRA. He loses trust in the friendship he once had with Yata and comes to the conclusion that if Yata won't give him the time of day in HOMRA, he'll make it so that Yata will have no choice but to remember the pain of losing a friend. If Yata doesn't want to give him attention anymore, Fushimi will gain Yata's attention in the most brutal way: through hatred. To Fushimi, having Yata's attention is the most important thing; if he can't have that while he's in HOMRA, then he'll have it when he's fighting on the opposite team. Yata furiously asks Fushimi if he's forgotten their pride, to which Fushimi responds by scratching and burning the HOMRA mark off his chest, a mark Yata was so proud of bearing.

"Pride," you say? ... There goes your pride. You asked why I betrayed you? Because it's stupid. We have special powers, but all we do is play punks and gangsters. I'm sick to the core of HOMRA.

- episode seven

I need to confirm, I need to connect; am I that scared?

      "Because it's stupid." Fushimi, feeling jealous and hurt that Yata was becoming less like a friend to him and getting closer to those in HOMRA, wasn't sick of HOMRA: he was sick of seeing Yata give his attention to someone else. If by opposing Yata allows Fushimi to gain his attention, then so be it--he'll oppose Yata and HOMRA for as long as he can, as long as Yata's attention is on him. For Yata, he can't help but to give in to Fushimi's antics towards him: there's still a part of him that still wants to be next to Fushimi, unconsciously reverting back to their past selves, even to the extent that he allows Fushimi to touch him when his HOMRA mark becomes painful (episode thirteen). But, after having been cast aside so easily with the rest of HOMRA, by someone whom he'd been with for god knows how long, it's something Yata can't easily forgive, nor forget.

"Shut the fuck up! Don't go calling me by my first name, or talk about my people like you know them. You damn traitor!"

"Can you blame me? In the end, I wasn't like you and the others. Leaving was inievitable."

- episode five

      In whole, their relationship is childish. They fight with each other whenever they see each other, biting out scathing remarks and petty insults, calling each other names: Damn monkey for Saruhiko and in turn, Yata's first name, Misaki, something he despises being called by. Everything is a competition to them: even their age, to which Yata boasts that he his four months older. Fushimi knows exactly what to say in order to illicit the wanted responses out of Yata, and Yata falls right for them every time. They're both equally immature, despite already being nineteen years old and in well-known organizations. It's because that they're childish that they keep fighting; when Kuroh asks the two "Haven't you had enough? You're the only ones still fighting," (episode thirteen) neither of them can respond. Why are they fighting? They don't have any more reason to, other than the desire to hurt each each other. Yata, to an extent and lack of better wording, "broke" Fushimi's "heart" when he stopped paying him attention and in retaliation, Fushimi did the same by leaving HOMRA.

      Yata is childish in his goals, his only sights and thoughts are all about HOMRA, but for good reason: he has the "family" type structure he possibly was denied growing up. It's reasonable to want your "family" to thrive, to be the "right-hand man" to the person you look up to, to have bonds that you didn't have prior--for Yata, for someone who didn't have that kind of belonging in groups, it's normal. However, Yata doesn't see that he's had a deep bond with someone even before he joined HOMRA: it's possible that like Fushimi, Yata didn't get along well with other people until Fushimi came along. In a way, through Fushimi, Yata's ability to make friends expanded, but for Fushimi, Yata was the only friend he wanted make.

"I feel sorry for you, Saru. You couldn't find someone to save you."

"You feel sorry? For me? I feel sorry for you, Misaki, worshiping at the altar of the head of a gang of punks, playing 'family' with them... when you know full well you won't be able to stay happy and friendly with them forever...!"

"Hmph. Guess we'll never share the same opinion on this, huh?"

"Guess not... The day when you'll finally understand me... will never come, which means you've no choice but to continue hating me."

"Saru... You know, I... have long since learned how to drink my milk. You're the only one still stuck being unable to eat his vegetables. You ever think that maybe you can eat them just fine and it's just that you don't want to be able to eat them? The only one of us who hasn't moved an inch from where he stood back then, who hasn't even tried to move on--is YOU, just you!"

- third drama CD

I was afraid of becoming all alone

      In a perfect world, their relationship works out and they both return to being friends. Fushimi, as Yata so eloquently puts it (also proves that he's not a complete idiot, in fact I'd say he's smarter than Fushimi) would have to get over his hatred of vegetables and just learn how to deal-- "Stop being so stubborn and make more friends," is basically what Yata is saying. Moving from a world where all they had were each other, to being left behind and feeling that the one person he ever counted on has moved beyond their relationship, becoming able to trust others is difficult. For Fushimi to see things from Yata's perspective is easier said than done, but on one hand, so is being able to understand Fushimi's feelings on Yata's end. Until the next season starts, all we can do is wait and enjoy the glorious fanservice from GoHands.

February 18th, 2013