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The series currently has two opening songs, both by Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra:

  1. Nornir (episodes 1 - 14)
  2. Boys, Come Back to Me (episodes 15 - current)

The series' ending songs are as follows:

  1. Dear Future by Coaltar of the Deepers (episodes 1 - 12, with the 10th episode covered by Yui Horie)
  2. Gray Wednesday by Triple H (episodes 13, 15)
  3. Bad News by Triple H (episode 14)
  4. Ikarechimattaze!! by Triple H (episode 16)

insert songs

Insert songs sung by Triple H:

  1. ROCK OVER JAPAN (main insert song)
  2. Gray Wednesday (episode 9)
  3. Daddy's Shoes (episode 5)

Other insert songs (most of these are by Yukari Hashimoto and can be found on the bonus cd):

  1. The Tragedy of M (episode 7)
  2. The Joy of Our Desiring
  3. Labryninth of Coral
  4. Here Comes Sexy!
  5. Penguin Mission
  6. Boy Meets Girl
  7. Sparkling
  8. The Children of Fate
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