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Defense Devil

Defense Devil was originally a one shot, Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara ("Devil Advocate Kukabara"). It now runs as a serialization in the manga magazine, Shonen Sunday.


"People die everyday. But what happens when you die? Do you go to heaven or to hell? Then, what happens when you go to hell? That's where a devil advocate comes in. Before you get dragged to the pits, he/she makes a contract to defend you in exchange for the devil essence that surrounds your soul after dying."

from One Manga.


WARNING: unmarked spoilers.

Elimona lives in Event Horizon, an area in Hell that is considered to be the 'purgatory'. She owns a shop that sells all sorts of different things, ranging from eyeballs, demon limbs, and even devil-human contracts, such as the ones Kukabara uses. She is the main provider for Kukabara's "gadgets" and information and somewhat of his "boss". She has Kukabara and Bichula work for her, doing odd jobs here and there.

She mainly appears around the beginning of a new arc or the end of an arc in the series. She is usually seen doing "cosplay", often times dressing up in the most scandalous outfits ever. She likes to tease Kukabara and flirt with him countless times, although he almost never gives in to her advances. Elimona does have an ulterior motive as to why she's helping the fallen demon prince in terms of "teaching him a lesson", but her reason for the way she goes about it is unknown (Ida Maria arc).