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Defense Devil was originally a one shot, Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara ("Devil Advocate Kukabara"). It now runs as a serialization in the manga magazine, Shonen Sunday.


"People die everyday. But what happens when you die? Do you go to heaven or to hell? Then, what happens when you go to hell? That's where a devil advocate comes in. Before you get dragged to the pits, he/she makes a contract to defend you in exchange for the devil essence that surrounds your soul after dying."

from One Manga.

my name is kukabara

Mephisto Barto Kukabara is the main protagonist of Defense Devil. He was banished and stripped of his powers because of his kind personality, which is unbefitting for a son of the great demon king.

"My master is the third son of the great demon king, Mephisto Barto. But, while he is the son of a demon king... because of the kind personality that is ingrained into him... as he grew up, he got on the wrong side of those other demons around him. In the end, those who thought that my master was a disgrace came together and conspired to strip him of his status, power, everything, and chase him from the demon world."

--- Bichula, Judgement 2, Apple Tree 3

Despite this downfall, Kukabara's spirit isn't crushed but is high; Kukabara doesn't let the other demon's hatred of him affect him and goes on, defending the "sinners" that enter the Event Horizon. Although the matter of family is a sensitive subject for him and becomes a curious part of Kukabara's past, he keeps fighting towards regaining his former status.