just how close...

       After some deliberation, I decided on opening this fanlisting as a tribute to the relationship (and maybe in the future, rivalry?) between Heine and Giovanni, two "brothers" out for each other's blood, but even so, they know their chances of death are slim. These two characters' personalities are similar yet different at the same time and their encounters are always so interesting to the point that their meetings (and meetings in the future) are one of the main points I keep reading.

... have you come to death now?

       It took me a while to actually decide on an image and a layout to use, I didn't know what to do at first. After a LONG time (way long after my due date!!) it's finally done: version one. I named it FUN&GAMES because that's what their relationship is. Giovanni teases Heine whenever he gets the chance, taunting him here and there. Heine responds by feeding him chockful of bullets. Fun and games, right? At least here, no one gets hurt (;

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